Seven reasons Kraft Hockeyville will be bigger and better in 2016 and why you should get out and vote!

NHL players in your stadium
Let’s just cut to the chase: a real life NHL game, played by real life NHL professionals that will be at your home stadium. The same place that you or your child suits up will be the home – for at least a night – of guys like Sidney Crosby, Evengi Malkin, Steve Stamkos and other All-Stars.


Ever wanted to a Velveeta cheese fountain?
Fondue, check. Chocolate fountain, check. Liquid gold, check. You’ve experienced them all. BUT HAVE YOU EXPERIENCED THEM TOGETHER? Likely not. A Velveeta cheese fountain to feast your eyes on … and your stomach will thank you. Think of the possibilities.

Guess who showed up?
You just never know who will show up to an event like this. Last year is was the Hanson Brothers from the movie “Slap Shot” and hanging out with them sound just like hanging out with your old high school buddies. Re-live those memories and more, but only by partaking in the Kraft Hockeyville competition.


You and your classmates can spend the day with some pros
Penguins’ Beau Bennett and Lightning’s Alexander Killorn were the two pros to hit a local school last season, who will it be this year? And which school in which market will get to spend time with these pros? Your vote can decide.


A maze. A Kraft Hockeyville maze. Need we say more?
We’re not exactly sure where this maze resides, but but someone out there is REALLY passionate about Kraft Hockeyville. Show us your excitement for this year!


Mingle with NBC Sports talent and former NHLers
Whether you want to pick his brain, snap a picture or pop him one time in the face, former NHLer and current NHL on NBC analyst Jeremy Roenick was on hand to hang out with the winning community, see what we have in store for this time around.


The Kraft Hockeyville winning community is up for grabs and it could be yours!